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  • See you in Fall 2020!

    Thank you to everyone who attended our shows over the last couple of months.  We are sorry we had to cancel the last few dates of the tour, but are looking forward to seeing you when they are rescheduled for Fall 2020! Stay healthy! For......


No shows scheduled at the moment.

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Cultural ambassadors, The Chieftains started their journey in Ireland in 1962. Since then they have won six Grammy Awards and are highly recognized for reinventing traditional Irish music on a contemporary and international scale. Their ability to transcend musical boundaries to blend tradition with modern music has hailed them as one of the most renowned and revered musical groups to this day.

They can claim some unique and sometimes ‘firsts’ as they were the first Western musicians to perform on the Great Wall of China, participate in Roger Water’s “The Wall’ performance in Berlin in 1990 and were the first ensemble to perform a concert in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. In 2010, their experimental collaborations extended to out of this world, when Paddy Moloney’s whistle and Matt Molloy’s flute traveled with NASA astronaut, Cady Coleman, to the international space station. Their Journey continues….