Upcoming tour dates for legendary Irish band The Chieftains.
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Cara and Nathan 2017
The Chieftains with orchestra

The Chieftains  

06/25/19MadridNoches Del Botanico Buy Tickets
Time: 8:00pm. With CARLOS NUNEZ.
06/27/19MalagaTeatro Cervantes De Malaga Buy Tickets
Time: 8:30pm.
07/04/19BarcelonaFestival Jardins Pedralbes Buy Tickets
Time: 10:00pm. with CARLOS NUNEZ
07/06/19LiverpoolLiverpool Feis Buy Tickets
Time: 4:00pm.
07/08/19BirminghamTown Hall Buy Tickets
Time: 7:30pm. With Special Guest Katherine Priddy.
08/09/19SionGuinness Irish Festival Buy Tickets
Time: 10:30pm.

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