Seán Potts
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Seán Potts

Joined: 1962 Left: 1979

A native of Dublin, Seán Potts first met and became good friends with Paddy Moloney in the 1950’s. A master whistle player like Moloney, they often collaborated on arrangements, playing in clubs and sessions around Dublin.
Seán was a member of Ceoltóirí Cualann and went on to become one of the founding members of The Chieftains in 1962.
Along with Martin Fay, Seán briefly left the Chieftains in 1968 to enter a contract with Gael Linn, before going back to The Chieftains.
Eventually, however, the pressures of touring, and a particularly hair raising episode when flying through a storm in 1979 during their North American tour, prompted Seán to leave The Chieftains for the quiet life in 1979. Since his departure from The Chieftains, Potts has done radio work including pieces for Radio Telefís Éireann. He also founded Bakerswell, which had a successful tour of the US.

Tin Whistle, Bones, Bodhran