A Chieftains Celebration
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A Chieftains Celebration

‘A Chieftains Celebration’, released in recognition of their 25th anniversary, includes ‘The Millennium Celtic Suite’, a special piece composed by Paddy Moloney to celebrate Dublin’s 1,000 years, and recorded live at The Gaiety Theatre; it includes music from most of the Celtic countries. The Chieftains are joined on it by musicians, singers and dancers from Brittany and Galicia, and Scottish and Northumbrian bagpipes are also featured.

Van Morrison joins The Chieftains to perform one of his own instrumental compositions, ‘Boffyflow and Spike’, as a bonus track.

Track Listing

  1. O’ Mahoney’s Frolics
  2. Galicia
  3. Coolin Medley (with orchestra)
  4. Here’s a Health to the Company
  5. Planxty Browne, The William Davis’s, Lady Wrixon
  6. Boffyflow and Spike (with Van Morrison and his band)
  7. The Strayaway Child
  8. The Iron Man
    The Marquis of Tully Baratine
    The Forfeit O’Da Ship
  9. The Wexford Carol (with Nanci Griffith)
  10. Gaftaí Baile Buí
  11. Millennium Celtic Suite