Barry Lyndon
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Barry Lyndon


Music from the Stanley Kubrick film including tracks by The Chieftains. The film was released at the beginning of 1976, and from the start, the moving music was singled out for special mention by film critics and fans. The soundtrack later won an Oscar.


Track Listing

  1. Sarabande Main Title
    (Haendel)(National Philarmonic Orchestra)
  2. Women Of Ireland
    (Seán O’ Riada)(The Chieftains)
  3. Piper’s Maggot Jig
    (Traditional)(The Chieftains)(Trad. Arr. Paddy Moloney)
  4. The Sea-Maiden
    (Traditional)(The Chieftains)(Trad. Arr. Paddy Moloney
  5. Tin Whistles
    (Moloney Paddy; Potts Seán)(Trad. Arr. Paddy Moloney)
  6. British Grenadiers (Traditional)
    (Fifes And Drums)
  7. Hohenfriedberger March
    (Frederick The Great)(Fifes And Drums)
  8. Lilliburlero (Traditional)
    (Fifes And Drums)
  9. Women Of Ireland
    (Seán O Riada)(The Chieftains)
  10. March From Idomeneo
    (W.A. Mozart)(National Philarmonic Orchestra)
  11. Sarabande-Duel
    (G.F. Handel)(National Philarmonic Orchestra)
  12. Lilliburlero (Traditional)
    (Pearson Leslie)
  13. Danse Allemande N 1 En Do Majeur
    (Franz Schubert)(National Philarmonic Orchestra)
  14. Sarabande-Duel
    (Handel)(National Philarmonic Orchestra)
  15. Adaptation De La Cavatine Du ‘Il Barbiere Di Siviglia’
    (G. Paisiello)(National Philarmonic Orchestra)
  16. Concerto Pour Violoncelle En Mi Mineur – 3e Mouvement
    (A. Vivaldi)(Fournier Pierre;Baumgertner Rudolf)
  17. Concerto Pour 2 Harpes En Ut Mineur – Adagio
    (Bach)(Richter Karl;Bilgram Hedwig)
  18. Adaptation Du Trio De Piano En Mi Bemol Op 100 – 2e Mouvement
    (Schubert)(Holmes Ralph;Welsh Moray;Goldstone Anthony)
  19. Sarabande (Generique De Fin)
    (Handel)(National Philarmonic Orchestra)