Boil The Breakfast Early (The Chieftains 9)
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Boil The Breakfast Early (The Chieftains 9)

‘Boil the Breakfast Early/Chieftains 9’, released in 1980 was seen as a fresh start for the group, because it featured for the first time bodhreán player Kevin Conneff singing a capella on a beautiful song. (When a Man’s in Love) and also introduced flautist Matt Molloy. Said Colin Irwin from Melody Maker of the album: “The rejuvination of The Chieftains has been an education to behold. Just a year ago they looked a skeleton of the band they used to be. And now they’ve come up with their freshest album for years”.

Track Listing

  1. Boil the Breakfast Early
  2. Mrs. Judge
  3. March from Oscar and Malvina
  4. When a Man’s in Love
  5. Bealach an Doirnín
  6. Ag Taisteal na Blárnán
  7. Carolan’s Welcome
  8. Up against the Buachalawns
  9. Gol na mBan san Ár
  10. Chase around the Windmill