Celtic Wedding
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Celtic Wedding

The idea for this album came during a visit to Brittany, a place Paddy Moloney had come to love, and on the suggestion of fellow Celtic musician and friend, Polig Monjarret. The concept for the album was to musically recreate a 14th century Breton wedding ceremony, and became the first in the musical voyages tracing the influences of Celtic music around the world.

‘Celtic Wedding’ was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1986.

Track Listing

  1. Dans Mod Koh a Vaod (Old fashioned Dance)
  2. A Breton Carol
  3. Dans Tro Fisel (Dance from the Fisel Country)
  4. Marches (From the Vannes Country)
  5. Dans Bro-Leon (Dance and Song from the Leon Country)
  6. Heuliadenn Tonioù Breizh-Izel (A Medley in which each member of the Band plays a Tune of his own Choice)
  7. Ev Chistr ‘Ta, Laou! (Cider Drinking Song)
  8. Jabadaw (Dance from Breton Cornwall)
  9. Celtic Wedding (A Medley of Song and Dance describing the Famous Ancient Breton Ceremony)