Film Cuts
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Film Cuts

From the stirring tradition ‘O’Sullivan’s March’ featured in ‘Rob Roy’ to the light-hearted and evocative tunes written by Michael Kamen for ‘Circle of Friends’ to the bare-knuckle fighting music written by John Williams for ‘Far and Away’, the presence of The Chieftains brings an authentic Irish energy to the soundtrack of any film. This album also includes such varied forays into film music composition as ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Barry Lyndon’, ‘Tristan and Isolde’, and ‘The Grey Fox’. For The Chieftains, the joy of creating music for films is matched only by the fun they have playing this music in concert before a live audience.

Track Listing

    Rob Roy:

  1. O’Sullivan’s March
  2. Circle of Friends:

  3. Dublin
  4. Air – You’re the One
  5. Treasure Island

  6. Opening Theme
  7. Loyals March
  8. Island Theme
  9. Setting Sail
  10. French Leave
  11. Blind Pew
  12. Treasure Cave
  13. The Hispanola/Silver and Loyals March
  14. Barry Lyndon:

  15. Love Theme
  16. Tristan and Isolde:

  17. Love Theme
  18. The Falcon
  19. The Departure
  20. The Grey Fox:

  21. Main Theme
  22. Far and Away:

  23. Fighting for Dough
  24. Ireland Moving

  25. Ireland Moving – Train Sequence