Fire in the Kitchen
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Fire in the Kitchen

The second album to appear on Paddy’s ‘Wicklow’ label. This album was recorded by Paddy and the Chieftains over a month (October 1997) spent in Halifax and Cape Breton Island, Canada, and features the unique vocal and instrumental styles of some of Canada’s finest musicians, such as The Rankin Family, Laura Smith, Ashley MacIsaac, Natalie MacMaster, to name but a few.


Track Listing

  1. Madame Bonaparte/Devil’s Dream/Mason’s Apron – Leahy
  2. An Innis Aigh – The Rankins
  3. Lukey/Lukaloney – Great Big Sea
  4. My Bonnie – Laura Smith
  5. My Home/The Contradiction/Julia Delaney – Ashley MacIsaac
  6. Come By The Hills – Rita MacNeil
  7. Fingal’s Cave – Natalie MacMaster
  8. A Mháirí Bhoidheach – Mary Jane Lamond
  9. Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie – Barra MacNeils
  10. Red is the Rose – The Ennis Sisters
  11. Le Lys Vert – La Bottine Souriante