Over the Sea to Skye – The Celtic Connection
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Over the Sea to Skye – The Celtic Connection

James Galaway and The Chieftains

This was the second major collaboration with flute virtuoso James Galway, and includes a number of Scottish classic airs. The recording took place in Australia during a tour which included a number of live recordings from Brisbane.

Track Listing

  1. Carolan’s Quarrel with the Landlady
  2. Three Hornpipes: Eugene Stratton, The Banks, Arthur Seat
  3. Over the Sea to Skye
  4. A Slip and a Double Jig
  5. Cath Chéim an Fhia
  6. The Rowan Tree
  7. Bonny Prince Charlie
  8. Lillibulero
  9. The Dark Island
  10. Skibbereen
  11. A Fanfare
  12. The Last Rose of Summer
  13. Dance in the Morning Early
  14. The Three Sea Captains
  15. Full of Joy (Chinese Folk Tune)
  16. Solo Salutes (Finale)