Reel Music
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Reel Music

A collection of various pieces of music from film scores composed by Paddy Moloney and performed by the Chieftains, guests and various symphony orchestras. The music featured is from such films as Treasure Island, Barry Lyndon, Three Wishes for Jamie, Tristan and Isolde, The Grey Fox and The Year of the French.

Track Listing

    Treasure Island:

  1. Opening Theme
  2. Loyals March
  3. Island Theme
  4. Setting Sail
  5. French Leave
  6. Blind Pew
  7. Treasure Cave
  8. The Hispanola/Silver and Loyals March
  9. Barry Lyndon:

  10. Love Theme
  11. Three Wishes for Jamie:

  12. Love Theme
  13. The Matchmaking
  14. Mountain Fall/Main Theme
  15. Tristan and Isolde:

  16. Love Theme
  17. March of the King of Cornwall
  18. The Falcon
  19. Escape and Chase
  20. The Departure
  21. The Grey Fox:

  22. Main Theme
  23. The Year of the French:

  24. The French March
  25. Cooper’s Tune/The Bolero
  26. Closing Theme & March