Tears of Stone
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Tears of Stone


“Over the years it has been The Chieftains great fortune to share the wonderful gift of our musical heritage with many of the world’s finest musicians. But of all these sesssions perhaps non stands out more sweetly or more poignant than those of “Tears of Stone”. For more than three years, balanced beween the continents, the cultures and the impossible schedules of intersecting careers, we laboured in love. Our goal was to marry the many-faceted voices of contemporary women artists from around the world with the simple beauty of traditional Irish music. Our dream was that through the interpretive power of these many voices a new voice might be created to accompany that tradition into the future. Here, etched in the laughter, the love and the loss, are the stories they have told.” – Paddy Moloney

Track Listing
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Never Give all the Heart (with Brenda Fricker, Anúna)

A Stór mo Chroí (with Bonnie Raitt)
3. The Lowlands of Holland (with Natalie Merchant)
4. The Magdalene Laundries (with Joni Mitchell)
5. Jimmy mo Mhíle Stór (with The Rankins)
6 I know my Love (The Corrs)

7. Factory Girl (with Sinéad O’ Connor)
8. Deserted Soldier (An Saighdiúir Treigthe) (with Mary Chapin Carpenter)
9. Ye Rambling Boys of Pleasure (with Loreena McKennitt)
10. Sake in the Jar (with Akiko Yano)
11. Raglan Road (with Joan Osborne)
12. Siuil A Run
13. The Fiddling Ladies
14. Danny Boy