The Ballad of the Irish Horse
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The Ballad of the Irish Horse

Paddy had been commissioned to write the score of a National Geographic special on Irish horses, and began to jot down his inspiration for the score while on the US tour in 1984. There was 52 music sequences involved, and it took Moloney almost a year to compose.

Track Listing

  1. Ballad of the Irish Horse: Main Theme
  2. Going to the Fair (Hornpipe)
  3. The Birth of the Foals
  4. Galway Races
  5. Lady Hemphill
  6. Horses of Ireland: Part 1
  7. Chasing the Fox
  8. The Green Pastures (Jig)
  9. Scéal na gCapall: The Story of the Horse
  10. The Boyne Hunt, Mullingar Races, The Five Mile Chase (Reels)
  11. Horses of Ireland: Part 2