The Chieftains 1
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The Chieftains 1

Paddy always had a vision from the mid 1950’s. A sound he wanted to create, a sound that had never been heard before. He knew it would take much experimentation with different combinations of instruments and so he formed several groups with other musicians in duets and trios. In particular he played with Seán Potts, Michael Tubridy, Matt Molloy and Seán Keane in various combinations who would all later become Chieftains.

But it was not until he had formed the original line up for The Chieftains in 1962 that he finally achieved the sound that had eluded him, a sound created by Paddy’s inspired choice of instruments, styles and players. It was only at this point did Paddy feel ready to give his group the title The Chieftains (a name which was inspired by the Irish poet John Montague) and confident enough to take his band into studio to record the very first of many, award winning albums. This recording came about at the invitation of his good friend, the Hon. Garech a Brún for his record label Claddagh Records.

Track Listing

  1. Sé Fáth mo Bhuartha
    The Lark on the Strand
    An Fhallaingín Mhuimhneach
    Trim the Velvet
  2. An Comhra Donn, Murphy’s Hornpipe
  3. Cailín na Gruaige Doinne
  4. Comb Your Hair and Curl It, The Boys of Ballisodare
  5. The Musical Priest, The Queen of May
  6. The Walls of Liscarroll Jig
  7. An Dhruimfhionn Donn Dílis
  8. The Connemara Stocking, The Limestone Rock, Dan Breen’s
  9. Casadh an tSúgan
  10. The Boy in the Gap
  11. Saint Mary’s, Church Street
    Garret Barry, The Battering Ram
    Kitty goes a-Milking, Rakish Paddy