The Chieftains 10
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The Chieftains 10

‘The Chieftains 10′ sees further delving into the Celtic world, with Derek Bell having researched Manx harp music, as well as The Chieftains’ first foray into country music, influenced by their first visit to Texas, on the invitation of Chessley Millikan who had lined up six concerts all over the state. It was here they first came across the stomping ‘Cotton-eyed Joe’, which features in the album. A piano was found for Derek, and without rehearsals, this track was performed with Willie Nelson at the Oprey House. The following week the band returned to Dublin and went straight to studio and recorded it. The version appears in the album, in an Irish reel. Paddy remembers his grandmother singing a lullaby “Did you wash your father’s shirt”.

Track Listing

  1. The Christmas Reel
  2. Salut à la Compagnie
  3. Kiss me Kate, The Custom Gap, The Spindle Shank, My Love is in America
  4. Manx Music
  5. Master Crowley’s reels
  6. The Pride of Pimlico
  7. An Faire (The Gold Ring)
  8. Durzhunel (The Turtle Dove)
  9. Sir Arthur Shaen, Madam Cole
  10. Garech’s Wedding
  11. Cotton-eyed Joe