The Chieftains 2
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The Chieftains 2

‘The Chieftains 2′ was recorded over a weekend in Edinburgh’s Craighall Studios, where the technology was far superior than anything in Ireland at the time. The album features the first recorded work by 17th/18th century composer Turlough O’ Carolan, as well as ‘The Foxhunt’, which paved the way to Moloney’s future folk orchestrated works with The Chieftains.

Track Listing

  1. Banish Misfortune, Gillian’s Apples
  2. Planxty George Brabazon
  3. Bean an Fhir Rua
  4. Pis Fhliuch (O’ Farrells Welcome to Limerick)
  5. An Páistín Fionn
    Mrs. Crotty’s Reel; The Mountain Top
  6. The Foxhunt
  7. An Mhaighdean Mhara
    Tie the Bonnet; O’ Rourke’s Reel
  8. Callaghan’s Hornpipe; Byrne’s Hornpipe
  9. Pigtown, Tie the Ribbons, The Bag of Potatoes
  10. The Humours of Whiskey; Hardiman the Fiddler
  11. Dónall Óg
  12. Brian Boru’s March
  13. Sweeney’s, Denis Murphy’s, The Scartaglen Polka