The Chieftains 5
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The Chieftains 5

‘The Chieftains 5’ saw a huge change for The Chieftains, the band members having quit their permanent jobs to become full time musicians. The band, their work being distributed by major labels outside Ireland, now had to make it on a global basis, and this album had to consolidate their careers and prove that The Chieftains were not just a live band.

With ‘The Chieftains 5’, Derek Bell introduced the medieaval Tiompán to The Chieftains sound for the first time with ‘Tiompán Reel’ composed by Paddy Moloney, and the album also features Breton music for the first time with ‘Ceol Bhriotánach’.

Track Listing

  1. The Tiompán Reel
  2. Tabhair dom do Lámh (Give me your Hand)
  3. Three Kerry Polkas
  4. Ceol Bhriotánach (Breton Music)
  5. The Chieftains’ Knock on the Door
  6. The Robber’s Glen
  7. An Ghé agus Grá Geal (The Goose and Bright Love)
  8. The Humours of Carolan
  9. Samhradh, Samhradh (Summertime, Summertime)
  10. Kerry Slides