The Grey Fox
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The Grey Fox

Paddy was commissioned to compose the score for the Canadian film ‘The Grey Fox’ by Philip Borsos. The film starred Richard Farnsworth and was the true story of Bill Miner, who after spending 33 years in San Quentin for robbing a stage coach at the end of the 19th century, gets the idea to rob a train when he sees’ The Great Train Robbery’ in the newly invented cinema. Paddy’s wonderful dance rhythms work brilliantly with the shots of old trains moving through the mountains in Canada. The Band won a Canadian ‘Genie’, equivalent of the Oscars, and a Grammy nomination for the score.

Track Listing

  1. The Big Ride
  2. Main titles
  3. Oyster Bed Sequence
  4. Nickleodeon Sequence
  5. The Oregon Robbery
  6. Ride through Colors
  7. Country Store Sequence
  8. Ride to Kamloops
  9. Ride to Kamloops
  10. A Golf Waltz
  11. Sweet Betsy From Pike (traditional)
    Richard Farnsworth, vocal
  12. The Big Ride
  13. The Grey Fox Theme
  14. Meeting Train at Ducks Siding
  15. Kate’s Waltz
  16. Miner’s Confession to Kate
  17. The Chase
  18. The Chase
  19. End Titles
  20. The Big Ride