The Year of the French
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The Year of the French

In Autumn 1981 Paddy Moloney was commissioned to write a joint score for The Chieftains and the RTE Symphony Orchestra for an Irish television mini-series called ‘The Year of the French’. Based on the novel by Thomas Flanagan, the story follows a wandering poet called Owen McCarthy on his travels through Ireland at a time when the French had volunteered some military assistance against the British in Ireland. The album was critically acclaimed when released, and The Chieftains even made their acting debut on the series, playing as 18th century musicians.

Track Listing

  1. Killala: The Main Theme
  2. The French March
  3. The McCarthy Theme
  4. Treacy’s Barnyard Dance
  5. The Irish March: March of the Mayomen, Uilleann Pipes Lament
  6. Killala: The Main Theme
  7. Cunla, The Yearling Fair Reel
  8. Killala: The Opening Theme, Killala: The Coach Ride
  9. The Bolero: McCarthy’s Arrest
  10. The McCarthy Theme/The Wandering
  11. The French March/Cooper’s Theme
  12. The Hanging/ Seán Ó Dí
  13. Killala: The Main Theme